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Types of Accommodations

There are many different types of gay friendly and gay exclusive accommodations to choose from

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts are what a lot of people think when traveling. They offer a wide variety of amenities, which could often mean guests never have to leave the property if they don’t want too. They even have a range of room styles, ranging form the simplest to the most elaborate suites. Many often have all-inclusive deals, or packages to easily create a luxurious vacation.

Inns & Bed and Breakfasts

Inns and BnBs are often provide a more intimate feel to ones stay, without lose of privacy. There is a way closer connection to the staff of an inn or BnB than at a hotel or resort. While they might not have many of the luxurious amenities, the offer their own special charm to ones stay.

Vacation Rentals and Guest Homes

Vacation rentals and Guest Homes allow for more local experience in an accommodation. Often homes, condos, and apartments, they are rented out to tourists. They give guests the privacy and feel of their own personal home, while allowing them to experience the local feel of the area they are visiting

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