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Important LGBT Travel Tips

Traveling and planning a trip can be a task for everyone, doesn't matter how you identify. Trying to find the best accommodations to stay, figuring out what exactly too do, navigating an unfamiliar place. All of it can make or a break vacation. However, as a LGBT traveler, there might be a few more things to consider when planning a trip.

Sadly there is a wide range of views on and around the LGBT community. Not everyone in the world is open as we may wish. But here are some few times to help you plan as perfect a trip as you can.


Research is an important part of planning any trip for anyone. Yet it's extremely important for LGBT travelers. It is important to know a countries stance, views, and policies towards the LGBT community. Many countries may have strong religious options, or anti-gay policies. It is important to know before visiting to cause the least amount of controversy and conflict.

Read reviews, and testimonials from other LGBT travels. Learn some of things to expect from other's experiences. It is one of the quickest ways to get an idea of where you are going to stay

Find gay-friendly or gay-exclusive accommodations. Using a gay accommodation site like our own, is a great way to insure your going to have a welcoming and open gay-friendly experience in your stay. Know the different types of accommodations that are offered. As well as, the difference between gay-friendly and gay-exclusive.

Find a Travel Guide and Inspiration

Travel guides are a great to use when traveling. They can highlight restaurants, attractions, and an assortment of other things. There are plenty of travel guides that are catered to the LGBT Traveler. Granted, some might find exploring and getting lost in a unfamiliar place appealing, a travel guides can also provide inspiration.

Connect with the Locals

Connecting with locals were every your visiting can be extremely helpful. Especially members of the local LGBT community. They will know all the gay-friendly and such places to go and visit. Ask around.

It is important that everyone has a safe and fun vacation.

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