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Gay Friendly vs. Gay Exclusive

What is the difference? It’s probably not terribly hard to guess or figure out the difference between the two. However it is important to know the differences between what gay friendly accommodation and gay exclusive accommodations are.

Gay Friendly

As the world is becoming more and more accepting to the LGBT Community, more and more resorts, hotels, and other accommodations are gay friendly. This means there is a welcoming, accepting, respective, and supportive environment for the LGBT Community. However, it should be noted that this is something that can be easily said and check of. All of the properties on our site are actively advertising to the LGBT Community. Meaning you are more like to have a more welcoming and accepting stay and experience.

It should also be noted that while a hotel, resort, or vacation home is listed as gay-friendly, they still service other guests. Families and guests who could have a wide range of different view points, since sadly, not everyone is open and accepting. Now this doesn’t mean one has to hide affections to a partner, or generally who they are. It is simply just something to keep in mind.

Gay-friendly accommodations can have may require a more reserved approach.

Gay Exclusive

Gay Exclusive accommodations, as you likely guess, service only members of the LGBT Community. In the past, these types of accommodations largely served as safe heavens for members to spend a vacation. In certain areas, they still serve that purpose. For the most part though, gay exclusive hotels, vacation homes, and other accommodations supply a completely open environment.

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